pam  teaches in homes, studios, gyms, and offices.

The methodological discipline her teachers instill into her personal practice greatly influences her teaching style. The importance of alignment and syncing breath with body movement is underlined in all her classes.  
She intends to be a lifetime student of this practice; always learning, constantly striving to improve herself. Her mission is to inspire her students to realize their full potential; encouraging them to take their newfound confidence and clarity off the mat and into everyday life. 

corporate yoga

bennies yoga brings to the workplace:
Stress: One benefit of yoga is its ability to help you de-stress. Employees that are relaxed and productive are vital to a thriving workplace. Yoga helps you to focus on your breath and links that breath to your movement. It requires that you be mindful to what you are doing at that very minute, not about the meeting you have later that afternoon. By focusing on your breathing and the poses for an hour, you give your mind a rest from the pressures of reports and deadlines.

Health: Stress is a leading cause of chronic health problems, including colds, viruses, headaches, overeating, sleeplessness and smoking; the more health problems that your employees endure, the higher your health care costs will be. By providing yoga classes, along with other wellness benefits, employees can help to reduce their risk of acute and chronic medical conditions, which can directly affect your bottom line. Healthier employees produce higher quality work, make better decisions and pay more attention to details.

Bonding: Employees and business associates have used an afternoon on the golf course as a way to network for years; now that bonding experience is moving into the yoga class. Providing yoga classes to your employees allows them to meet and interact with co-workers and supervisors in a casual way that can lead to deeper work relationships. Having a common interest, such as yoga, which is challenging while also being fun, can spark a friendship or increase respect.

pam gives thai massage

The theory of Thai massage is based on the belief that prana (life energy) flows through the body along a network of channels (similar to the nadis in Ayurveda or meridians in Chinese medicine) and that stimulating and balancing prana creates a deep feeling of relaxation, vitality, and renewal.

pam graduated from internationally accredited Thai massage school of Thailand in Chiang mai.

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